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Morocco, a country in northwest Africa bordering on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is only an hour away by ferry from Spain, but the deep traditions and the Islamic culture make it a mysterious and fascinating place that seems much further from Europe. Even after the Spanish and French colonization and the presence of cosmopolitan cities like Casablanca and Rabat one can still feel the strong presence of an ancient past coexisting with today’s everyday life. Geographically Morocco is divided into 4 regions: the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal area, the metropolitan cities on the flatlands, the Atlas Mountains and the Rif, the oasis in the south and the pre-Sahara desert. It is difficult not to come across the mountains at some point as the three Atlas ranges and the Rif stretch out to the north crossing the whole country creating cultural and geographical barriers. The coast around Tangier, the pretty city characterized by the presence of an international port, as well as Asilah and Larache are generally the most pleasant to visit. El Jadida and Essaouira in the south are informal seaside resorts, while Agadir is a package holiday destination and therefore less appealing. The cities are Morocco’s greatest attraction, Fes and Marrakech in particular are unique and bursting with tradition; there you can still watch life as it was in the Middle Ages. Architecturally Fez is certainly the most spectacular of the two, however Marrakech remains the most suggestive and picturesque as the prelude to the southern regions. The hot and sunny climate and the pleasant beaches make Morocco a popular destination with tourists. The diverse mountain scenery is ideal for trekking excursions, which have become very popular, as well as the excursions to the oasis in the pre-Sahara desert. There are coaches taking sightseers to visit the main itineraries, while for the secondary routes it is necessary to either hire a car or a taxi. The oasis of Tinerhir, Zagora and Erfound offer the classic picture of the Arab world with palm trees lining the desert in the horizon.
It wouldn’t be possible to visit the whole country in 2 or 3 weeks, even 2 or 3 months wouldn’t be enough, but with careful planning it is possible to catch a glimpse of each area. To help with your search we have put together selected destinations inclusive of general information and the most interesting sites across various categories.
On this website we have gathered some useful information on Morocco’s history, culture and major events taking place there. Each individual destination comes with information about airports, transport, places of interest, museums complete of addresses and eating out tips. You can browse through our selection of pictures and even check out our maps which are fully interactive: you can search the place you need to find on the map and even have a close up satellite view. Try it now for an aerial view of the locations that interest you!



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